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About me
Yemisi Wilson, with mother from Sweden and father from Nigeria was born in London and grew up in Stockholm. She did her artstudies in Florence.
She lives in Stockholm and goes to Pietrasanta to carve her sculptures.
The animal looks at us and we are naked before its gaze and thinking perhaps begin there.
"The quote in the headline is by Jacques Derrida it speaks to the compassion and empathy one experiences while looking at an animal eye-to-eye, and to the emotion one feels when seeing Yemisi Wilson’s art. She draws her subjects up close; capturing their essence; her depictions of animals in captivity are bold and intimate… The surfaces are often left rough… seemingly unfinished, this gives the drawings and sculpture an immediate dramatic power. Yemisi's art is a stirring reminder of our interconnectedness". Dimitri Radoyce, Art is Life.

Yemisi Wilson is a member of: Skulptörförbundet, SKF-Svenska konstnärers förbund and KC-Syd.

Curriculum Vitae
Yemisi Wilson is a member of the Sculptors Society-Skulptörförbundet, The Swedish Artists Society-SKF-Svenska konstnärers förbund and Artist Centre South- KC-Syd.
Exhibitions, Commissions and Symposiums
2022 Skapa i sten, Worksops i Alabaster med Skulptörförbundet i Nyköping samt Örebro med Open-Art.

2022 "Ancestors" Separatutställning på Galleri Artsight, Stockholm.

2022 Utgivning av katalogen "Urkraft" över verk i porfyr med konstkritisk text av Martina MacQueen, Konstkonsult och Artcurator. Med bidrag från Längmanska Kulturfonden.

2022 Utställning på ön Oaxen i Ettans kalkugn.

2021 Knivsta Kommun köper en en flodhäst i brons och ett hästhuvud i gul marmor från Siena att placeras utomhus i det offentliga rummet.

2021 Uppsala Kommun köper en noshörning i marmor till en skola i Gottsunda.

2021 November Galleri Nord, Örebro, Yemisi visar skulptur tillsammans med Arjuna Geir Aasehaug som visar måleri.

2021 Augusti, Utställning på Horisont hospitalet, Ulleråkers Hospital, Uppsala. Yemisi visar en byst av Augusta Strömberg i marmor samt en minnesplatta i marmor för de avlidna patienterna på kyrkogården.
2021 Augusti, Skapa i sten-Workshop med Skulptörförbundet och OpenArt i Örebro

2021 Juli, Landsort Skulpturön. Yemisi visar två flodhästar i betong vid vattnet samt ett huvud i grå granit.

2021 Juli, Oaxen, 26 skulptörer ställer ut i Ettans kalkugn på ön Oaxen.

2021 Juni, 12 Skulptörer från Skulptörförbundet ställer ut på Ekebyhovs slotts park och galleri.

2021 Maj, Researchvecka för 10 konstnärer på Horisont hospitalet, Ulleråkers sjukhus Uppsala, genom Konstfrämjandet Uppland och Uppsala Kommun m.fl.

2021 Konst i det öppna-sociala dimensioner, ekologier och förvandlingar Av Konstfack- Södertälje Konsthall

2021 Flat Octopus, Exhibition Case presents: “When will this end?” by Yemisi Wilson

2021 Renewed assignment as a board member and convener of the exhibition group for the Swedish Sculptor Association.

2021 “Dialogue” The solo exhibition at Gallery Studio Animar is prolonged until 28'th of February.

2021 "Skogssalong", Event by Candyland and Selva Studio, Stockholm. Yemisi participates with “Hippocampuspotamus - Flodhästar funderar,” and a rhino and primate head in marble.

2020 “Dialog” Solo exhibition at Gallery Studio Animar, Gamla stan, Stockholm.

2020 The Municipality of Eskilstuna aquires two hippopotamuses in concrete, destined for a place outdoors in the public.

2020 In July Yemisi travels to Studio Sem to finish carving the hippos, a commission for a private customer in the USA.

2020 Galleri T, Stockholm Yemisi Wilson – Solo Exhibition - "Skulptur i marmor och brons"

2020 In January and February Yemisi travels to Studio Sem, Italy to work on the commission of three hippos for an American customer.

2020 Grant from the City of Stockholm, "Ateljebidrag" från Stockholms stad.

2019 Group show "Winterexhibition" at Konstnärshuset i Stockholm

2019 In October and November Yemisi travels to Studio Sem, Italy to carve hippopotamuses, a commission for a American client.

2019 Private commission for Lars Engelbert. A seal in Swedish granite 160x115x104 cm.

2019 Chosen as a board member of Swedish Sculpture Society.

2019 Sculpture commission through Studio Sem, three hippopotamuses in Chinese and Brasilian Onyx and Italian Marble for an art collector in USA.

2019 Sculpturefestival, at Oxelösund and the sculpture park of the castle of Stjärnholm. Stjärnholms skulpturpark.

2019 Galleri T, Stockholm. Stone- Charcole and Bronze - Solo exhibition.

2018 Gallery Erik Axl Sund, Stockholm, Duo exhibition together with the photographer Lars Säfström.

2018 Artist in Residence with; Sten i Älvdalen, Yemisi works next to the historical Porhyry workshop, "Porfyrverket in Älvdalen.

2018 Group show SKF:s Springexhibition at Konstnärshuset, Stockholm.

2018 Icesymposium at the Icehotel at Jukkasjärvi.

2017 Grant for a printer catalogue, by Längmanska Kulturfonden.

2017 Winter Exhibition at The Artist House, Konstnärshuset, Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm, Sweden.

2017 MuSA, Museum of Sculpture and Architecture, Pietrasanta, Italy.

2017 Gallery Bachleichner, ”Summer Exhibition”, Bergdietikon, Zurich, Switzerland.

2017 ”Art in the green box” Gnesta Konsthall, Sweden.

2016 ”Art and Ecology” Lokstallet, Strömstad, Sweden.

2015/2016 Commssion for the Real Estate company Klövern Julia AB. Yemisi creates a artistic embellishment in concrete, marble and bronze to be installed in the building of the communication company Tele2 huset in Kista, built by Klövern.

2016 ”Up on the walls” Udden Skulptur, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.

2016 ”Some big five” Separate exhibition at Gallery Artspace, Varberg, Sweden.

2015 ”Beröra” ”To be touched” 40 years Jubilee Exhibition of the Swedish Sculptors Society. Konstnärshuset, Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm, Sweden.

2015 ”40 years Jubilee Exhibition” of the Swedish Sculptors Society at Kulturcentrum of Ronneby, Sweden.

2014 Stones and Friends, The Barn of Laurin. Burgsvik, Gotland, Sweden.

2014 Artists and Artisans, exhibition in the main square and church of Pietrasanta, Italy.

2013 Skulptur Ølgod, Elementernas Poesi, 6'th sculpture exhibition in Ølgod, Denmark 25 May - 29 September

2013 Il Primo Volo, "the first group show by nine local and international artist in a villa near an abandoned quarry above Pietrasanta"

2012 "In your eyes" Drawings and Sculpture by Yemisi at 
Ristorante Filippo, Pietrasanta.

June 2012 Artists and Artisans of Pietrasanta.

2012 Separat exhibition at Camponeschi Wine Bar Electronic Art Cafe, Rome, Italy. Aperitivo d'arte curated by Umberto Scrocca and Achille Bonito Oliva. Yemisi show charcoal drawings of animals in the Zoo of Rome, Bioparco.

2011-2012Separate exhibition, ”Animalia” Sculpture and drawings of animals. Cantine Basile, Pietrasanta, Italy.

2011 The Swedish Institute, Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy. Exhibition of sculptures and photographs from the Symposium; 7 Artists at the Querciola quarry Colonnata.

2011 Sculpture Symposium in an active marble quarry in Colonnata, Carrara, Italy. 7 Artists at the Querciola quarry Colonnata.

2011 The sculptures of 7 artists are shown all over the village of Colonnata.

2011 Yemisi shows sculptures at the Swedish embassy in Rome together with other members of the group Seven Artists.

2011 Yemisi draws the animals in Bioparco, the zoo of Rome.

2011 Global Stone Workshop, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. Yemisi works with the local black granite in Mammalapuram for a month together with:

2010 december/january "Julsalongen" Norrtälje Konsthall Sweden. A jury selected art exhibition in the City Art Hall of Norrtälje during the Christmas holydays.

2010 Gallery Kompass, Stockholm, Yemisi och Inger Sannes show sculpture

2010 Pilot of Sculpture Symposium, Cava Cervaiole Yemisi och Inger Sannes carves in marble in the active quarry Cervaiole durning the month of June.

2010 Commission; Hippopotamus in Egyptian marble, 80x120x80 cm. For Stephen Heyman, Oklahoma USA.

2010 Torre Upezzinghi, Calcinaia, Pisa, Italien. Separate exhibition.

2009 The Town House of Oslo, Norway. “Artigianart” A group of chosen artists and artisans creations are exhibited.

2009 “Michelangelo and his heirs” International sculpture from Pietrasanta. Centro Culturale “Luigi Rosso, Italy.

2009 Marsvinsholms Skulpturpark,

2009 Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery, Alabama, USA. “Civil Rights - International Sculpture from Pietrasanta.”

2009 Palazzo Sachshall, Florence, Italy.

2008 Sculpture symposium, Calcinaia, Pisa, Italy.

2008 Yemisi is being interviewed about her work and her sculptures are shown in the television channel; Tele Granducato, Tuscany, in the program, "Miscela Pregiata"

2007 Galleri Näset Rådmansö, Exhibition in the archipelag outside Stockholm.

2006 Galleri Näset Rådmansö, Exhibition in the archipelag outside Stockholm.

2005 Liljevalchs “Formbart“ Stockholm. Yemisi is selected to join the Spring Exhibition, “Vårsalongen” of Liljevalchs in Stockholm. She shows sculptural plates and bowls with human profiles.

2004 Concavo e Convesso – Pietrasanta Sala Grasce, Centro culturale Luigi Rosso, Pietrasanta.

2004 Yemisi creates a drinking fountain for the central square of Fabiano, a mountain village in Versilia Tuscany. She works on site with marble stones in grey Bardiglio that is recuperated from the abandoned quarry Capella, Seravezza. On a commission from Communita Montana Alta Versilia, a regional state office for mountain parks and villages.

2004 Stockholm Artfair, represented by Galleri Svarta Soffan, Sweden.

2003 Torre di Malaspina, Fosdinovo, Province of Massa, Italy. Personal exhibition.

2003 Yemisi makes an inscription by hand in a great mass of stone by the riverside on a commission by the constructer firm, Orler Simonini, Imer, Trento srl. Versilia, Tuscany, Italy.

2003 H-art 100 One hundred artists active in Pietrasanta exhibit their creations in the abandoned hospital of Pietrasanta.

Education and experiences
2013 Yemisi hires a place to carve in the Sculptors Studios at Vinterviken, Stockholm, Sweden.

2008 Yemisi hires a space to carve at Studio Sem, Pietrasanta, Italy,

1999 Yemisi moves to Pietrasanta to work with marble.

1994 - 2000 Study at the Accademia di Belli Arti, i Florence, Italy.

1997 - 1998 Facultad de los artes libres i Granada, Spanien, Exchange student through the Erasmus programme.

1992-1993 Scuola Libera del Nudo, vid Accademia di Belli Arti, Florens.

1990- 1991 Il Bisonte Scuola Grafica, Florence, Italy.