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14 Oct 2022
When I get to Vinterviken, where Yemisi Wilson has her studio, the sun is at its zenith and the noise of the city seems remote. A creative murmur has replaced it, and Yemisi is standing outside wearing a protective mask, holding her grinder at the ready. Once inside, we have coffee and talk about a...
06 May 2021
In November 27’th 2020 we opened the show Dialogue at Gallery Studio Animar in the historical part of Stockholm. Due to the certain circumstances of the Covid-19 other shows planned in the gallery were postponed or even cancelled, and my show was prolonged until February 27,th 2021. Less people than normally entered the exhibition, of...
08 Apr 2019
Sten Kol Brons Exhibition at Gallery T Österlånggatan 3, Stockholm. 3-9 of May Sculptures in Marble and Bronze. Drawings in charcoal. Vernissage May the 3’d between 16.00-19.00 The artist will be present daily. Open; 12.00-19.00